Schedule A Spay or Neuter

In order to participate in our low-cost spay/neuter program you will need to complete this form and make a payment in advance via credit card or check. The Humane Society of New Orleans utilizes local humane-minded veterinarians to provide this service to the public. 


Within 24-48 hours of pre-paying for your surgery you will receive an e-mail from a spay/neuter team member advising you of the veterinarian assigned to your specific spay/neuter case, and you will be provided with an application packet and pre-surgical instructions for your animal. 


Current Fee Schedule: 

Dogs: $50.00
Cats: $50.00
Exotics: Case By Case...Please call our office at (504) 322-3938 to schedule an exotic animal spay or neuter.

All spay/neuter surgeries are pre-paid in advance. After pre-paying you will be e-mailed the contact information for your assigned veterinarian and pre-surgical instructions to follow. You must contact the veterinarian to schedule your surgery when this e-mail arrives.
Please choose a cat or dog.
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